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The 2016 Compendium of Herbicide Adjuvants is the 13th edition of the biennial publication and contains 752 entries (104 products were deleted and 159 new products were added) from 37 companies. The 1st Edition of this Compendium was assembled in 1992 with 76 entries from 22 companies. The growth of the adjuvant products listed is a result of: continued reliance on postemergence herbicide applications, scientific advancements and innovations pertaining to herbicide adjuvants, blending adjuvant chemistry into a single product for use with specific herbicides, and successful research and development by adjuvant manufacturers for commercialization of novel, multifunctional adjuvant products.

Each new edition of the booklet reflects the change in commercial adjuvant products in our website database over a two-year period since the previous publication. The products are organized by type of adjuvant such as nonionic surfactants, crop oil concentrates, etc. Product name, principal functioning agent, use rate, any special comments, and manufacturer and/or distributor are provided. Percent “active ingredient” is not included since it is of questionable value in many instances as there is not yet an industry-wide standard as to what materials qualify as active ingredients. However, the Chemical Producers and Distributors Association (CPDA) has developed a voluntary Certification Program which requires adjuvants products to meet 17 separate benchmarks for adjuvant composition.

CPDA voluntary Adjuvant Certification Program

One of the largest areas for growth in herbicide adjuvants over the past several years has been the High Surfactant Oil Concentrate category of adjuvants. These products are composed of both oil and surfactant chemistry with the intent on having performance to suit herbicides or herbicide combinations that may benefit from both NIS and COC or MSO adjuvant products. In some cases these products are marketed as potential replacements for COC or MSO products. However, a HSOC by chemical definition is different from a COC or MSO and, therefore, are not cross-listed. This determination does not make any inference on the adjuvant performance with herbicide, but rather is a chemical distinction. The HSOC adjuvant products will continue to be marketed as products that can be used with herbicides to provide greater herbicide compatibility in tank-mixtures that require both surfactant and oil properties while producing similar levels of herbicide efficacy as a standard COC or MSO product.

The information in the 2016 Compendium was assembled for educational purposes only and is believed to be accurate since the products and their descriptions were provided by the manufacturer and/or distributor. All commercial adjuvant products are considered for inclusion in the Compendium and any omission of products used in Illinois and elsewhere is not intentional. The listing of products in this compendium does not constitute an endorsement nor is the omission of products in any way an intention to discriminate against them.